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Flexible and efficient multi-disciplinary management of human resources. To meet requirements for projects of any duration through qualified personnel.

Related Services

  • Network planning and design.
  • Supervision and O&M .
  • Integration and performance.
  • Transport network.
  • Site Survey (drone/digitalization).
  • Drive test and post-processing.
  • IP help desk.
  • Process documentation.
  • SW development.
  • Field equipment.
  • Backoffice logistics .
  • Access management.
Chica mostrando su trabajo en el computador a otras personas

During 2022, the required transmission deployment for the first phase of 5G Entel Network present in 270 communes: from Arica to Puerto Williams

Present in 270 communes

Featured Works

Entel Chile Transmission

Management, control and following of work orders in optical fiber and microwave transport networks that allowed the expansion of 2000 existing mobile sites of the Entel Chile Network.

Entel Chile Transmission

Creation and control of 400 forecast orders for the improvement of Entel Chile’s 4G/5G mobile network, which allowed 120 new cell sites to be switched on.

Entel Chile Transmission

Management installation and configuration of 700 new microwave links and more than 1000 new layer 2 equipments of optical fiber for Entel Chile Network.

Entel Chile IP Support Helpdesk

Work team with HW Ericsson Harris, Cisco and Huawei expertise, participating thoroughly in the operation, maintenance of transmission and access networks and giving support to multiple company projects.