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Integration service and configuration of new mobile phone base stations. This service is known for its knowledge and leadership in technology and its needed configurations in GSM, UMTS, LTE and 5G; both for RAN and TX. Main characteristics of this service: integral, disruptive and synergic between countries where the company operates.

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  • Troubleshooting and remote support.
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Entel Chile 2022 Refarming Project:

In 14 maintenance windows the creation and activation of new LTE 1900MHz carriers of 2843 cell sites was performed.

Featured Works

Entel Chile Mobile Access Network

More than 1800 3G/4G/5G sites of the Entel Chile Mobile Network were integrated during the year 2022.

Entel Chile Transmission

400 new routers will be configured to the Entel Chile network during the year 2022.

Refarming Entel Chile

4230 3G nodes and 2843 4G nodes are configured by activation of new carriers.

WOM Colombia Mobile Access Network

More than 460 mobile sites of the WOM Colombia Mobile Network were integrated during the year 2022.

WOM Colombia Transmission

180 new microwave links were configured to the WOM Colombia network during 2022.