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Operation and Maintenance

It ensures the proper functioning of mobile, internet and connectivity systems 24 hours, 7 days. It is immediately ready to maintain the service active and resolve malfunctions and degradations that may occur in the mobile access network. The service includes preventive and corrective maintenance of equipment: energy and climate, RAN, TX and generators.

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Increase of 30% of the achievement factor inside the reactive and corrective maintenance service for Entel Peru's Mobile and Fixed Network for the year 2021.


Featured works

O&M Entel Peru

5496 incidents were attended in Region Stations and 4595 others in Lima Stations during 2022.

Entel Peru External Plant

1584 incidents were attended over the Entel Peru Optical Fiber Network.

Entel Chile External Plant

819 incidents were attended over the Entel Chile Optical Fiber Network during 2022

O&M Indoor Entel Chile

532 incidents were attended in Inbuilding/Indoor stations during 2022.